Personal and Team Development is significant cost and investment to organisations. Our backgrounds in the Diplomatic Service, Intelligence and Fortune 500 companies ensure we deliver genuinely lasting benefit that delivers to the bottom line.

Our Approach

We use accelerated learning and development concepts from the most elite and secretive organisations in the world. Combined with learnings from the field of neurology to ensure that how we deliver creates tangible lasting memories to create the optimum learning environment.

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Why We are Different

You and your business are special. Our business is to understand what makes the best individuals and organisations in the world very special. We bring skills and techniques honed in extreme pressure situations and adapt them to suit your high paced world of business.

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Who are Boundaries Edge

We began as a small group of former diplomats, intelligence and specialist military officers who grew frustrated at the standard of learning and development organisations that were ‘supporting’ our new civilian employers. We knew from our backgrounds, where the development of our teams was literally a matter of life and death, that the application of these techniques in the corporate would achieve greater results. With Boundaries Edge there is an assurance that we know how to deliver results through high performance. We have simply been conditioned never to accept second best. In fact, its hurts if we ever let you down. Boundaries Edge is a company with staff from backgrounds in the British Intelligence Services, HM Diplomatic Service, business psychology/neurology and Fortune 500 companies.