Professional learning and development for organisations seeking to grow profits through world-class client relations and strategic negotiations.

How We Work

We use accelerated learning and development concepts from the most elite and secretive organisations in the world. They are combined with the very latest blended learning theory to create the optimum learning environment. We consult with you on your requirements and create a learning and development programme that is bespoke to your needs.

Company Overview (PDF)

Critical Incident Decision Making

Our greatest asset is our mind; yet we often know little about it. This module considers the Human Mind; specifically how we, or our, clients make decisions and the factors that influence why they make them.

2-6 hours module

Business Development

In a competitive market, it can be difficult for prospective clients to differentiate between services offered by various firms, being successful is about building powerful influential relationships that deliver results.

2-6 hours module


The art and science of negotiations is at the very heart of a running a successful organisation. This module is designed to provide practical guidance prior to, during and post negotiations.

2-6 hours module

Unconscious Bias

Why do we discriminate – and where does bias come from? This unique module looks at the holistic challenge of unconscious bias, and how/why it affects our behaviours.

2-6 hours module

Influential Leadership

In a competitive environment, particularly where trust is at an all-time low across society, being successful as a leader can be about building powerful relationships.

2-6 hours module

Persuasive Communications

This module looks at techniques to stimulate transformational behavioural change. It looks at why we ‘like’ and ‘trust’ a message and how perception affects our interpretation.

2-6 hours module

Resilience, Wellbeing and Productivity

Resilience is one of the key attributes of a successful leader and team. We show tangible ways to help leaders and teams eliminate cortisol (negative stress) from the working environment in order to drive tangible gains in productivity.

2-6 hours module